Subliminal Sleep Programming: Volume One

by Serenity Sounds

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Subliminal Sleep Programming: Volume One is collection of songs trained to teach you positive thoughts as you sleep. The positive affirmations are embedded at a low volume in each track so they do not distract you. However, your mind is still picking up on all the information, making it a useful tool in your daily life.

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released August 7, 2017



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Serenity Sounds Maryland

Serenity Sounds is based on positive, musical-healing sessions for all listeners.

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Track Name: Deep Sleep for Unlimited Abundance
Positive affirmations:

the universe provides for my every want and need

I will make the most of new opportunities

I am make positive, healthy choices

I find all solutions within me

all is well in my life

good flows to me, good flows from me

I have the power to change myself

I speak with confidence and calm assurance

I feel the joy of abundance

I feel wonderful and alive

I fill my mind with positive thoughts

I can learn anything

I have a genius potential

everyday, in every way, i am getting better and better!

I will be prepared and confident for any situation in life

I enjoy life and it shows

I am calm

I sleep deeply

I achieve great wealth

I approve of myself

I say positive things about myself, to myself

I am my own person

I focus on the positive aspects of life
Track Name: Deep Sleep for Refreshed Energy and Happiness
Positive Affirmations:

I choose happiness, success, and abundance in my life

I am brilliant and beautiful

I love myself and I allow myself to be loved fully

I am aligned with the energy of wealth and abundance

I remain focused on the present moment

I am a wonderful person with solid, unbreakable self-esteem

Money is pouring into my life from all directions

I am successfully creating the life I want to live

I attract happy experiences in my life

I am rich in relationships, wealth, and love!

Feelings of happiness and serenity come naturally to me

Everywhere I go I experience happiness in my body, mind and spirit

I accept myself and achieve my goals

I can handle ANYTHING that comes into my life

I trust myself

I am prosperous, healthy and happy. And I live in abundance!

Peace and joy are apart of me.
Track Name: Vibrational Energy Healing & Balance
Positive Affirmations:
My energy is balanced and restored
My vibrational frequency is positive and in accordance with the universe
I am surrounded by beauty and good vibrations
My chakras are aligned and balanced
I feel universal positive vibrations right now
I am conscious of every action I take, and every action I take helps better my life
I am experiencing vibrational energy healing
My thoughts and energy are balanced as one
I have deep spiritual connections to this universe
Positive energy flows to me like a river
I am in accordance with nature
The powers of nature heal me everyday
Love and serenity vibrate throughout my body
I am blessed with the gift of consciousness
I am loved by this universe
I feel balance throughout my entire being
My energy is calm and still... Like a peaceful lake
My energy has a positive impact on others
I pay attention to each and every breath I take, this helps me remain calm and balanced
I am becoming the person I desire
I place myself in healthy environments in order to have a healthy mind
My energy is infinite and connected to the universal consciousness
I only bring good karma into my life
My consciousness is healing and expanding daily
At this very moment, my vibrational field is positive
I allow my thoughts to be... and I remain calm
I am grateful for nature's gifts, such as the trees and the animals that surround me daily
Positive thoughts grow like flowers within me
I am a beautiful being
I am unique and have healing properties
I allow myself to heal
I allow for my energy to restore to its natural state
Peace and joy abide within me
I am free
Track Name: Self Esteem Booster l Developing Confidence
Positive Affirmations:

I am lovable and capable

I have several good qualities

I believe in my ability to succeed

I love myself just the way I am

I am a person of high integrity and sincere purpose

It is good for me to take time for myself

It is OK to think about what I need

I take pride in my accomplishments

I have the right to change and grow

I have the right to make friends and be comfortable around people

I trust and respect myself

I accept all the different parts of myself

I have the right to be uniquely myself

Other people love my company

I am optimistic about life, I look forward to everyday!

I am learning to love myself more everyday
Track Name: Unfolding Your Minds Full Potential l Healing & Awakening
Positive Affirmations:

I am unfolding my minds true potential

I am awakening from within

I am achieving my goals everyday

I am connected and one with the universe

Love flourishes throughout my soul

My friends and family see a greater difference in me everyday

I am grateful for my minds unlimited potential

Feelings of universal love are present within me

I realize that I can do ANYTHING I want to do

When I wake up, I will be filled with energy, love, and gratitude

My mind is unique and works in accordance with my desires

There is a spiritual energy deep seated within me

I am aligned with universal love and abundance

I am powerful and great

My energy levels are always balanced and refreshed

I make positive choices to better my life

I am connected to the source from which I came

My positive actions bring positive outcomes

I am always bringing good karma into my life
Track Name: Improving Mental Health & Overall Wellbeing
Positive Affirmations:

Everyday I take care of my health, physically, mentally, and spiritually

In the morning, I wake up feeling refreshed and grateful

I treat myself and others with kindness and respect

I am loved, and deserved to be loved

I am kind and loving to myself

I love all aspects of myself

I focus on the positive aspects of my life

I am grateful to be alive and living within this magnificent universe

My thoughts are clear and healthy

My mind is healing within every moment

I have permission to love myself

I allow myself to heal and recover from the past

I am healed, whole, and healthy

Today I chose to be calm

I keep my mental self-talk positive and empowering!